What is Driving Business Online

What is Driving Business Online?

It’s an initiative by PayPal Australia, with the support of their partners, to help small business – especially those in regional areas – get onto the internet, or make their existing online business more successful. 

You’ll find a wealth of free information, tips and expert help to:

Why get involved?

  • By 2013, Australian online retail is set to reach $36.8 billion AUD.*
  • Right now, 59% of Australian businesses don’t even have a website.*

To ensure your business is where many of your customers are now – and where many more are heading every day – you need to be online and know how to make the most of the online world.

The 2020 Digital Strategy

The Australian Government has shared its vision for the country to become a global digital leader by 2020. With better access and faster internet rolling out across the country to achieve this goal, the time to get online is now!


* eCommerce Secure Insights report November 2010 developed in conjunction with Forrester Research and Leading Edge.