Announcing the lucky winners

Recently we ran a competition to give one lucky Australian business a $5,000 head-start for their business in 2013.  We had an amazing amount of entries from businesses around the country with some really exciting ideas on how to spend the money.

We’re delighted to announce the lucky winners of the $5,000 grand prize, and five prizes of $1,000 each.

Grand Prize Winner -$5,000

Harvey Surf – Richard Harveyharvey Surf

Richard has been running Surfboard Shapers Workshops on the Gold Coast for the past 5 years, and has an innovative idea to take his local Gold Coast business international by transitioning his face to face courses into an online medium.

“Surfboard Shapers Workshops are hands on workshops and from the enquiries I receive from around the world the only one of its kind. With interest coming from such abstract places, such as Estonia and the Maldives it would be impossible for many people to come to Australia for the experience. So due to the demand I have formed a company called Australian Surfboard College and will be delivering online tutorials on every aspect of building surfboards. I have over 45 years’ experience building handcrafted surfboards and will be filming over 150 tutorials with explanations and demonstrations of all the inside information available.   The tutorial filming has started and the website development is being formulated with an automated payment system that needs to be seamless and simple and internationally available. The prize money would go a long way to complete the Australian Surfboard College online tutorials.”

Runner Up  - $1,000

iLifeFoods – Scott Mathias

“We would extend the Search Engine Optimisation program we already have underway to gain greater coverage in both Australia and the US. We plan to create better landing pages including video content. All this costs money and for a small business it eats into margins. The investment from the 'winnings' would go into that along with using more of the dollars to hire a social media specialist to assist us to drive traffic from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages and blogs, toward our two websites and This would be a great way to springboard into 2013, that's for sure!! ”

Runner Up - $1,000

Aus2u – Kellie Murphy

“As I primarily sell Aboriginal and Australian gifts and souvenirs, I would love to source some new wonderful Aboriginal products and help give back to the Aboriginal community.

I also desperately need help to get my website up in the rankings with Google, but because I am a work-from-home-mum and busy with my eBay orders I simply don't have the time (or finances) to get this done, so my poor website is dwindling away where no-one can see it in the rankings.

My ultimate goal is to be known as the largest online store having the best range of Aboriginal and Australian souvenirs - it's not World Peace, but it would make me happy and proud of myself; after-all, staying at home with children is like groundhog day everyday - so to achieve something outside of that bubble would be super amazing.”

Runner Up - $1,000

e-celebrant – Carol Astbury

"I have just instructed a web designer to give me a quote on the following: Change the insipid background colours - make it bright and lively and INTERESTING / Change the tired looking photographs - give life to the Homepage by having photos and images that modern Australian brides are looking for (awareness that brides today are in the Y Gen) / Ensure that PayPal is highlighted on every page and text to assure customers that 'PayPal is a safe mode of online payment' / Change the boring text, especially on the home page and replace it with two questions: Why do celebrants choose e-celebrant? Why do couples choose e-celebrant? Next step is marketing - create more links to like-minded businesses. Third step - start a blog and keep working at it. This would be a super-duper Christmas present!”


 Runner Up - $1,000

Amabar, Lou Amadio

 “$5,000 would certainly boost my eBay business. I would set a mobile 4G hotspot account and invest in a smartphone and matching tablet to manage the business on the go. I would also invest in the best eBay store and services available. The idea is to maximize returns from both home PC shopping as well as mobile shopping which is set to grow very fast indeed.”


Runner Up - $1,000

Kool Kitchen,  Farial

“I know EXACTLY how to spend this without a penny leftover. Firstly, I already have a proposal for an online direct marketing campaign to a very specific, pre-qualified target audience to be carried out over a specific time period that could bring enormous traffic, with a great conversion potential, to my website - I just need the funds to set it into motion! Secondly, I'd invest in a professional accounting package immediately - to free up valuable time and resources to focus on marketing!

Lastly, I'd get some new photography done for the landing page of my website - unfortunately this has been on my to-do list but with limited funds it keeps getting dropped. But I know it would make a tremendous impact!”


Note: The competition winners were chosen by a panel of judges after careful consideration.  Some entries have been shortened for this article.