Crowdsourcing your website needs

How crowdsourcing can help your business online

One of the most popular crowdsourcing platforms is, a place where you can go to get a website built, to have someone add functionality to your site such as a shopping cart, or to find an expert to set up a social media program for your business. CEO Matt Barrie says crowdsourcing is a great tool for online businesses and can be used to help set up a business, as well as when an online enterprise is more established.

“If you’re looking for a business name, you can post a competition on the site and for around $100 you will get a couple of hundred suggestions. If you’re looking for a logo you can post a competition and for around $190 you will get about 200 designs,” he explains.


Barrie says crowdsourcing can be used to develop either a basic or an e-commerce enabled website. He says businesses should expect to pay between $100 and $1000 for the site. The more complex the site, the more it will cost.

“You can use crowdsourcing to find freelancers who will use existing content management systems such as Joomla or Wordpress to build a site and then customise if for your business. You can also ask freelancers to plug in free shopping cart functionality such as Magento to the site. You can even hire someone who can plug PayPal functionality into your site, if you don’t know how to do it yourself,” he says.

Search engine optimisation

Barrie says he posted a job on the site to find an expert to run a search engine optimising campaign for a relative’s online craft business and paid $750 to get the business on the first page of Google for his chosen search terms.

“You can use crowdsourcing to find almost anything you need done that you don’t have the skills to do yourself,” he says.

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