Facebook marketing etiquette: do you know the rules?

4 tips for selling through Facebook

Did you know you can set up a business on Facebook and use the social networking site to sell your products and services to the world? It’s a new way of selling known as fCommerce, and it’s set to become a huge online trend.

The recent addition of a shopping cart to Facebook has opened up a world of new opportunities to online retailers. In fact, the value of transactions completed through Facebook is predicted to rise to more than $34 billion USD within five years.

But if you plan to start selling through Facebook, it’s important to be aware of some of the tips and tricks of using the popular social networking site as part of your online offering, especially the etiquette of selling through Facebook.

Tip 1: Link your page

The first step is to link your business page to a personal profile. You can’t set up a fan page for your business without doing this.

Tip 2: Find followers

Before you can start selling on Facebook you need to establish a group of followers. A good way to increase your profile is to ‘like’, link, share and tag on Facebook sites that are compatible with your own. For example, let’s say you run an online kids’ clothing shop. It might be an idea to like other similar pages such as those selling kids toys or organic baby food.

Tip 3: Don’t spam

It’s important not to spam Facebook pages with your products and services. A more subtle approach is to mention other businesses on your page, who in turn may mention your business to say thank you.

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Tip 4: Get your own URL

Adele Khoo, who runs Pack It In, which sells clear, re-sealable bags on Facebook, says once you have 25 likes it’s a good idea to “choose your own ‘vanity’ URL to put on marketing tools like your email and your business card.” A vanity URL stays the same, rather than the standard, constantly-changing Facebook URL. For example, Pack It In’s vanity URL is http://www.facebook.com/packitin.

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