mCommerce: Do I need a new website or can I adjust my existing one?

Making your online business mobile-friendly

mCommerce – or sales made with a mobile or smartphone – is booming. According to PayPal's Secure mCommerce insights report, in 2009 the total value of mobile sales through PayPal globally was $141 million. In 2010, sales in the Australian market alone were estimated at $155 million. 

So it goes without saying that mCommerce represents an incredible opportunity for online businesses. But how can smaller online retailers make the most of this opportunity? Let’s find out… 

Do I need a smartphone app for my business? 

The answer to this question depends on the nature of your business. If you sell something that people are going to buy from you time and time again then it might make sense for you to develop a smartphone app people can store on their smartphone. 

But if people only buy your products and services from time to time, they probably won’t store your app on their smartphone so it makes less sense to develop an app. 

Do I need a new website so people will buy from me on their mobile? 

This will depend on what your website looks like now. Internet marketing and eCommerce expert Nigel Burke from AVS Networks says you might need to tweak your existing site to make it easy to navigate on a mobile. This might mean reducing the number of menus you include, reducing the amount of text you use, and making buttons bigger. 

How can I make my existing website as usable as possible on a smartphone? 

First, test your site on your own and your friends’ phones to see what it looks like, what works and what doesn’t. Nigel says there are also many online tools you can use to test your site or make it more smartphone-friendly. Some examples include: 

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