One hour a day: great online marketing in just 60 minutes a day

4 quick ways to reap rewards from your web marketing

Online marketing doesn’t necessarily need to take a lot of time. You can maintain a very effective web marketing program by devoting just an hour a day to your efforts. The secret is to be consistent and do a little bit each day to maintain your profile and optimise your positioning.

Respond to all the online queries you get

The first step is responding to the leads you generate on a daily basis. Make sure you respond to every email your website generates or every query you get on your Facebook page or via Twitter as soon as it comes in. 

Be an active member of your Twitter community 

Make sure you acknowledge everyone who follows your profile on Twitter. It’s also a good idea to regularly share an interesting piece of information or special offers so you are viewed as a valuable member of the community. 

Post ‘shout outs’ for people that ‘like’ your Facebook profile

It’s a great idea to post a ‘shout out’ on your Facebook page thanking other businesses that have mentioned your page. You can also mention pages that you like, but that have not mentioned you in the hope that they will also post a shout out about your business. 

Check your online analytics 

All too often people don’t check the data their website generates and don’t use this information to tweak their online presence. Make sure you check which keywords are generating your business the most qualified sales leads and optimise your site so that it includes the keywords that are really working for you. That's where Google Analytics can be so handy.

Online marketing is all about consistency – so make a commitment to do half a dozen small online activities each day and you’ll soon see the online profile of your business jump ahead in leaps and bounds.


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