Online shopping carts

Sell and grow with a professional online store

To run a successful online retail store, you need to make it easy for your shoppers to buy lots of different products in one go. This is where a good online shopping cart is so vital.

There are lots of great shopping carts out there, some even come with a new website. You could choose a simple option that's easy to install and manage, or get someone to help you tailor every step of the experience just for your customers. It all depends on your budget and needs.

6 benefits of having an online shopping cart

1.Customers keep track of their items
As people explore your website they can easily add things they might want to buy to the cart.

2.People tend to buy more
It’s as quick and easy to add several items to a cart and pay for them all in one go is it is to buy one.

3.Buying on your site is just better
You make shopping online a breeze, so customers come back and tell their friends about you too.

4.No nasty surprises at checkout
Your customers know the total price at every step.

5.Can save you time and money
As everything is automatic – checkout, payments, sending confirmation emails, etc.    

6.It's easy for people to buy – wherever they are
The number of Australians searching and shopping online through their mobile phones and iPads is growing rapidly. The trouble is, standard websites:

  • are built for people using personal computers
  • don’t look or work as they should on mobile devices.

Plus, millions of people spend as much if not more time on Facebook than surfing the web.

If you make your site easy to visit and buy on using mobile phones, Facebook and iPads you open your doors to many more customers.

Things to look for when shopping for shopping carts

Depending on your needs now, and your plans for the future, here are some things you may want to consider when choosing an online shopping cart:

  • Does it allow you to sell through the major online shopping channels - Facebook, eBay and Google?
  • Will it allow customers to buy from you on their mobiles and tablets?
  • Can you cross sell i.e. show related products to people who buy and browse?
  • Does it come with a blog - so you can showcase your knowledge and expertise?
  • Does it offer other marketing tools such as email newsletters and comparison site listings?
  • Does it include inventory management - to keep stock of your products?
  • Does it include secure payment provider e.g. PayPal?
  • If a website is included, is it optimised for search engines - to help you get found on Google?

Shopping cart providers

Below are four online shopping cart providers that each offer many - if not all - of the features above, and can help you grow your online sales.