Tracking and proof of shipment

Keep your customers informed and impressed

While a lot of web businesses work hard to offer a great online shopping experience, they sometimes let customers down at delivery – especially during important times like Christmas, Mothers Day and birthdays.

So how can you impress your customers during this crucial part of the shopping process?

Keep buyers up-to-date about delivery

Once a customer pays you (or even better, during checkout) give them an estimated delivery date.

It's better to overestimate the delivery time than have a package show up late. And if you don’t send it on time, always let them know.

Track your deliveries

Use a shipping company that puts tracking numbers on every package. Then you’ll always know where a parcel is.

Once you receive the tracking number for a delivery, send it straight to your customer with a confirmation that says it’s on the way. They can then track the delivery and feel confident it will arrive.  

Insure your packages

For high value items, you can offer to insure their purchased items against damage or loss during the delivery process. This will be offered by most delivery companies at an additional cost to the basic delivery charge.

Choose the right shipping partners

You want a shipping company that can help you provide a great delivery service and keep costs down. Australia Post have some good options.

PayPal Seller Protection – proof of shipping

If you send goods around Australia and overseas, PayPal offers free Seller Protection to help guard against, amongst other things, claims by customers who say they didn’t receive their package.

To protect yourself, you need to be able to demonstrate Proof of Shipping, which includes documentation such as tracking codes and delivery receipts.

Find out more PayPals’ Seller Protection.