Search engine marketing

Search engine marketing gets customers clicking

There are lots of online marketing strategies to help boost your site visitors and sales. One that can give you a great return on investment is search engine marketing (or SEM for short).

What is search engine marketing?

SEM is paying to be listed in search engine results - like on Google - when people type in specific keywords or phrases.  And from there, it’s what people do once they click on your ad and arrive at your website, such as:

  • shop online
  • call or email you
  • join up or subscribe
  • enter your competition
  • visit your store.

Google ads vs Google organic search

The most popular and well known SEM is Google Adwords pay-per-click advertising. These paid for ads run down the right hand side of the search results, or in a shaded box at the top.

Organic search results – that you don’t pay for - are the ones that run down the middle of the page. 

7 reasons to use search engine marketing

SEM offers many benefits that advertising through TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and billboards can’t match:

1. It’s highly targeted

You can get in front of potential customers at the very moment they’re searching for your product or service.

2. Response rates are better

People aren’t busy doing other things while your ad interrupts or passes them. They’re actively trying to find someone like you, so the clicks and conversions to sales or enquiries can be very high.

3. It’s very cost-effective

One reason SEM is so popular with small businesses is that you pay a small amount when someone clicks your ad – not a huge amount just to show it.

4. Your ads can be seen straight away

SEO is great, but it can take weeks or months to get a high listing in the organic search results. Similarly, traditional advertising takes a lot of planning and production time. You can have a pay-per-click SEM campaign up within hours.

5. It’s flexible

You can’t change a print ad once it’s out there. With SEM you can change your ads instantly, as often as you want, and whenever you want.

6. You can measure it

With SEM, you don’t just hope it works – you’ll know. You get reports showing how many people clicked your ads, used which keywords, and more. And with tools like Google Analytics on your website, you can see where they go once they click through.

7. It works

Done properly, SEM has proven time and again to outperform just about every form of advertising – and bring very good returns on investment.

Why you should target local customers

Each month in Australia:

  • there are 430 million+ online searches.
  • 79% are researching products and services.
  • 42% are seeking a local business to buy something.

With a smart SEM strategy you can turn searchers in your area into customers.

Why get expert help and who to use?

To make the most of your SEM opportunities, you may want to get help from specialist company Reach Local. Some of the benefits they offer include:

More and better keywords

People who do their own SEM use an average of 30 keywords. Reach Local find and include at least 1500 of the words your customers could use.

Smarter bidding

They understand which keywords are worth using, and how much you should be paying for each click.

Enticing ads

Their writers create ads that attract clicks.

Compelling offers

They can create a landing page on your website that encourages people to take action and call you.

Tracking the real result

Without touching your website code or phone system they can track exactly who buys, calls, emails or fills out a form from each of your search engine ads.

Better ROI

Most Reach Local clients are earning at least 5 times their SEM investment in sales from the ads.

Your own SEM expert

You'll have a consultant to contact, meet with and take care of everything

Google Places– local SEO

In addition to pay-per-click advertising, Reach Local can help get you seen on the front page of Google search results in the new Google Places section.

Find out more about Reach Local and Reach Search on their website.