Take payments online

Take payments online through your website

If you want to sell products and services through your website, it’s important to make it very safe and simple for people to pay you online.

There are 3 ways to take payments when people buy online:

Direct bank deposits

  • Administration can take up a lot of your time.
  • You have to share your BSB and account number with people you don’t know.
  • Keeping track of payments can be difficult.
  • Customers can accidentally send money to the wrong account.

Traditional payment gateways

If you want to take a lot of credit card payments online you could look at getting a payment gateway. This way, people can pay securely on your website and the money goes directly to your business bank account. To do this you:

  • need to get an internet merchant facility with one of the major banks
  • require two years trading history with the bank to get approved
  • hire a web developer to add it to your online shopping cart
  • must be PCI compliant (meet certain security standards).

Alternative gateway and payment options

A couple of products that offer the same benefits as payment gateways, but involve less work, time and cost to set up are:

PayPal Payflow

  • Two years trading history with the bank still required.
  • Web developer still required.
  • PayPal takes care of PCI compliance.
  • Learn more about Payflow.

PayPal Website Payments Standard

Benefits of using PayPal to take payments online 

37,000 businesses in Australia use PayPal to take payments on their websites because:

  • there are 3.7 million active PayPal user accounts
  • their products are easy to add to websites
  • it’s free to join and very cost-effective
  • security is their number one priority
  • you can accept credit card payments and direct transfers
  • you don’t need a merchant facility to take credit cards
  • you can receive payments from overseas in local currencies
  • they take care of PCI compliance
  • they help sort out payment problems with customers.

Benefits of using PayPal for online shoppers

More than 3.7 million online shoppers in Australia use PayPal because they can:

Whether you’re planning a major shopping site or just a site to take a few payments now and again, PayPal is an option you should explore. You can learn more on the PayPal website.

Before using PayPal, please consider the product disclosure statement issued by PayPal at www.paypal.com.au