Take payments over the phone

Take credit card payments over the phone

Even when you can take payments through your website, you’ll want to be able to accept credit card payments over the phone for:

  • people who don’t feel comfortable paying on the internet
  • times when customers can’t pay on your website
  • buyers who want more information
  • products and services that you don’t sell online.

Credit card swipe machines

One option is to get a credit card swipe machine. However, you:

  • need a merchant account with a bank
  • need two years trading history with the bank to apply
  • will have a number of different fees
  • need to be PCI compliant
  • may be tied in to a long term contract.

PayPal Virtual Terminal – payments on your computer

An alternative to a swipe machine is a PayPal Virtual Terminal. You just log in to your PayPal account through the internet, enter your customer's credit card information and payment goes through. 

Lets you take credit card payments

  • By phone, fax or mail
  • Face-to-face in your store
  • When you’re visiting a customer

Money goes straight to your account
As soon as you take the payment.

More flexible, less fees
No long term contracts, just a small monthly and transaction fee.

You become PCI compliant
PayPal is compliant so, by using their service, you’re automatically following the PCI regulations.

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