Security for your website

Get the right security for your website

When people are on the web, you can’t gain their loyalty and confidence with a smile or a handshake.

So with concerns about online viruses, fake websites and other security issues often in the back of their minds, it’s very important to make people feel safe when they:

  • first come to your website – and every visit after
  • wander through your webpages
  • click on your links
  • download anything from your site
  • fill in forms
  • buy online from you.

How to let people know website security is important to you

Having a privacy policy

Make it easy for visitors to learn that their security and privacy is very important to you.  

A firewall

A firewall restricts access between different areas of the internet, and even of your website. They stop hackers who get into one area get into another – they also help prevent viruses getting into your systems. 

Visit the Norton website to find cost-effective products that include firewalls to protect you and your business.


A code in your site that’s virtually impossible for hackers to de-code. The system uses what’s known as a 128-bit language.  Crucial when you take payments online.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 

This indicates that information people enter on your website is safe and secure.  The icon usually looks like a key, padlock or similar security sign. Crucial when you take payments online.

Verisign Seal – increase online sales

Verisign is the most popular and recognised SSL certificate in the world. In case studies, websites with their certificate displayed saw an average 24% increase in online transactions. 

They offer packages from $740 a year that include:

  • full business authentication
  • SSL encryption
  • VeriSign® Trust Seal with VeriSign Seal-in-Search™
  • daily website malware scanning (by Norton).

Extended validation bar – give customers added confidence

Verisign have even higher security products for online shopping websites that include a green address bar showing in visitors' browsers when they’re on your site - an easy and reliable way to be sure the site is real and secure.

In case studies across 11 countries, it’s helped increase transactions by an average 17.8%.

Learn more on the Verisign website.