Phone lines and broadband

Business phones and broadband internet

There’s not much you can 100% guarantee in business. One thing’s for certain though - if you can’t communicate with your customers, staff and suppliers, you won’t be in business long.

As a web business, it’s vital to get your phone system and internet connection right – because this is where most of your communication happens. And for the internet that means broadband at work.

The first things to think about are...

What do I need from my office phone system?

  • Office lines for everyone?
  • How many mobile phones?
  • Voicemail and the ability to put people on hold?
  • Headsets (to help people on the computer at the same time)?
  • The ability to make conference calls?
  • Call interstate and overseas?
  • Call from landlines to mobiles and back?
  • Divert office phones to mobile numbers?
  • To add or reduce phones at some stage?

What do I need from my broadband internet?

Dirt cheap plans can come with limits to the amount of data you can transfer, download and upload, so think about:

  • How many people will use the web?
  • Are they on the web it all day?
  • Will you be sending and receiving lots of emails?
  • Will you be sending and receiving big files by email?
  • Will you be updating your website a lot?
  • What time of the day will staff be online?

How to get phone and broadband for your office

A telecommunications company such as Optus is a good option as they:

  • can save you time and money by looking after both
  • have many different packages for specific needs
  • offer very fast internet
  • provide 24/7 technical support.

Some Optus phone and internet plans

IpPhone Premier
A product that allows you to make and receive calls using your broadband internet connection for free or at lower costs than on a landline. You'll also get 2GB of broadband with it. Learn more about IpPhone Premier.

Business Totality
Covers all of your business telephony needs from phone systems and handsets to installation, maintenance and cost effective phone services.
Learn more about Business Totality.

Business Fusion
A broadband and office phone plan includes 1000GB of broadband data, unlimited standard calls in Australia, voicemail and more for $129 per month. Learn more about Business Fusion.

Learn more on the Optus Business website.